We’re Andres and Juan, the co-founders of Chiki Chiki Boom Boom. 

We are on a mission to deliver health, culture, and vibras all in one. The two of us come from different backgrounds, from fashion to media to food, yet what initially brought us together was the deep love of our Latin culture. 

After bonding over reggaeton music and some icy cold beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), we started talking about common interests in food and how our ancestral country of Ecuador had so many rich products that the world hasn’t discovered yet. We wanted to bring the authenticity of our culture, and mix it with our Los Angeles lifestyle. 

That lead us to re-discover a punch-like beverage that comes from an ancient recipe that is hundreds of years old, stemming from the south of Ecuador. This drink was consumed everyday by the locals, and regarded as the fountain of youth due to its positive benefits. As urban legend says there, “if you drink this everyday, you live one day longer’. 

We set out on a journey to bring punch back, but in our way, while promoting our culture, boosting health, and having fun. 

Our motivation is deeply rooted in changing the perception of our culture internally and externally when it comes to food and health. We want to show our people, and the world, that we can create products that are good for you, the Earth, all while having fun.

Do Good Vibras,

Andres Izquieta & Juan Jaramillo

Vibras Foods, parent company of Chiki Chiki Boom Boom, celebrates Latin foods & culture. Our superfood products, ranging from foods to beverages, put your well-being at the core of our existence. Our goal is to deliver optimal health, wellness, joy, and longevity to you and yours.

Made up of herbs and flowers, our ingredients main properties vary from being anti-inflammatory, containing antioxidants, boosting digestive health, and serving as a calming & mood enhancer.

CCBB has a wide range of benefits, here are some of the highlights as well as some of their chikibits.

ccbb antioxidants meme illustration
ccbb anti-inflammatory meme illustration
ccbb skin improvement meme illustration
ccbb Energy meme illustration
ccbb mood enhancer meme illustration
ccbb prevents gas formation meme illustration
ccbb sleep better meme illustration

We aim to create products that are good for your health, while setting the new standards for Latin foods for us and our future generation. 

We believe in doing good at all parts of our ecosystem, from our local farmers at ground zero, and to the communities that serve our end consumers. 

Do good vibras.


We source alkaline water directly from the mountains in the Valley of Longevity, which allows us to preserve many of its rich natural properties. All while we help conserve national parks.


We derive all of our clean energy from wind turbines, while practicing zero gas emission in our manufacturing processes.


We practice fair trade with a farmers association that has USDA certified organic processes for over 60 farms that supply our ingredients.


Health education and awareness is top of mind for us. Part of our core mission is to inform and educate our communities, particularly Latinos, how to eat & drink better. 

The decisions we make here have a big impact on our health, mind, and spirits. And ultimately, on the results of our personal goals and what we want out of life. 

Latinos are plagued with many health issues from diabetes to heart disease to name a few. It’s important for Vibras Foods to do our part in creating awareness for the present and the generations that follow. 

Eat drink better. Stay Chiki, Keep Booming.