Our Story


We’re Andres & Juan, the co-founders of Chiki Chiki Boom Boom.

We started Chiki to celebrate our culture, and deliver positive vibras towards our planet, people & health. Inspiring our people to live, eat and drink better is core to our movement.

While Andres is born in the USA (Los Angeles), and Juan in Ecuador (Loja), both of our parents are from Ecuador. Our bond was formed over the love of our Latin roots & culture, and bringing this energy to the world. We wanted to create a brand that represented the new generation of Latin culture, a blend of different peoples, languages, and cultural traditions.

Which is what led us to our product. In the South of Ecuador, where Juan is from, there is a popular drink that is an herbal and floral blend, mixed with mountain alkaline water, that has been around for hundreds of years. It stems from a valley called Vilcabamba, otherwise known as The Valley of Longevity. The people there live very long lives, some well over 100 years old. They accredit their longevity to the weather, lifestyle, food, water, and this magical drink. The urban legend is, “for every time you drink this, you live one day longer.”

The water properties contain minerals with magnesium, iron, gold and silver along with benefits that make this blend very unique and only sourced in this specific place in the world. The herbal & floral blend contains antioxidants that boost every day health, particularly immunity and gut health. The location of the valley is just south of the equator (in the middle of the world), between the Amazon and the Andes. Its brewing process reminded us of how punch is made, however this being a plant based punch made in nature, not in a lab. Voila, we felt that this authentic tradition, mixed with our views of modern Latin culture, and our influence of growing up in America (Andres) and other places in the world (Juan), these things pointed us to one thing…CHIKI CHIKI BOOM BOOM.

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Our impact goes beyond our culture, first starting in our local community where the drink's origins are from in Ecuador. We are driven by innovation, fueling community & empowerment with our local supply chain, while being bottled at the source. Sustainability, social impact, and community are at the core of what we do.


Thank you for letting us share our culture, and help us to push forward new ideas progressing our culture, people, health, and Earth.

Stay Chiki, Keep Booming!

Andres Izquieta & Juan Jaramillo


We derive all of our clean energy from wind turbines, while practicing zero gas emission in our manufacturing processes.


We practice fair trade with a farmers association that has USDA certified organic processes for over 60 farms that supply our ingredients.


Health education and awareness is top of mind for us. Part of our core mission is to inform and educate our communities, particularly Latinos, how to eat & drink better. 

The decisions we make here have a big impact on our health, mind, and spirits. And ultimately, on the results of our personal goals and what we want out of life. 

Latinos are plagued with many health issues from diabetes to heart disease to name a few. It’s important for Vibras Foods to do our part in creating awareness for the present and the generations that follow. 

Eat drink better. Stay Chiki, Keep Booming.